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RES Assistance

Our enterprise

Entreprise RES Assistance Call center Européen France Espagne Portugal
RES assistance équipe multilingue dépannage remorquage poids-lourds

Leader du Dépannage Remorquage Poids-Lourds en Europe

An independent company, RES Assistance was created in 2007.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , RES Assistance is a Call Center,  specialized in technical assistance

for all types of commercial and industrial vehicles throughout Europe.

To date, we have 3 call centers:

one in FRANCE , one in  SPAIN and one in PORTUGAL.

Our team

Call center européen, spécialiste de l'assistance technique poids-lourds

RES Assistance is a young & dynamic team.

And above all, competent, qualified & multilingual staff!

Languages spoken: French - German - English - Romanian

       Spanish - Italian - Portuguese

It is with professionalism and kindness  that  

we will take care of you,

so that your breakdown is just a bad memory!

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