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Cash advance

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Assistance RES Assistance avance de fonds, réseau européen de dépanneurs et réparateurs. Réactif et professionnel. 67500 Haguenau Strasbourg

RES Assistance brings you  his support,

in the following areas:

- payment of fines

- cash advance

- advance of funds, in particular in the event of

loss/theft of means of payment

We send a taxi,

to bring you cash,

at the scene of the breakdown

or accommodation.


Thus, you will be able to meet your needs,

until the problem is solved.

Everything is set up, so that you have

as little stress as possible!

We find the best solutions to minimize the downtime of your vehicle.


- A team of multilingual specialists  24 hours a day and  7 days a week
- A European network of troubleshooters and repairers
- Responsiveness and professionalism
- Assistance for all vehicles and all services related to mobility

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